06. Improvements

Ongoing building works improving UK House facilities

New lightwell, lobby and basement areas designed by Christ & Gantenbein

Lightwell update_cam02_hires_2020.01.12

More space. More light.

Current building works are underway to extend the upper floors towards the lightwell voids, increasing floor space by a total of 1,069 sqm. The stepped construction will invite more light into office interiors and allow for the addition of balconies on floors 3 through 7. The lightwell improvements as well UK House’s new lobby and basement areas are designed by Christ & Gantenbein, an award winning architectural practice based in Basel, Switzerland.

Balcony access on each floor

Each floor will gain full height glazing and direct access to a balcony through Schüco sliding doors. Glass balustrades will create a feeling of space and will not obscure the view to the light maximising feature wall.

High-quality materials

  • Walls - limestone cladding to original walls & Alucabond A2 cladding to new extensions
  • Windows and doors - Schüco
  • Full height windows to new extensions
  • Balcony flooring - porcelain tiles
  • Balcony balustrades - stainless steel and low iron glass
  • Outdoor lighting - LED strip to balustrades
Lightwell update_cam16_hires_2020.01.12
Lightwell update_cam03_hires_2020.01.12
Lightwell update_cam07_hires_2020.01.12